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Andonette Martine Wilkinson
0161 826 1222
16 BlackFriars Street
M3 5BQ

We're Factory. A digital agency in Manchester. We make creatively clever digital marketing campaigns & beautifully crafted websites for growing brands.

We're an independent digital agency, co-founded by a seasoned design specialist and a former Googler. We know how to make digital campaigns work to deliver return on investment over and over. We are here to help you connect your brand to your customers, without jargon, smoke or mirrors.

We're just straight talking, honest, friendly humans who like results.

Because there's no 'one size fits all', we really take the time to understand your individual needs. We care about what we do, we listen, work with you and provide the solution you actually need, not the one we want to sell.

With over 60% of digital ad spend being wasted due to poor account setup, incorrect targeting and/or bad ad copy, we can help. If you are looking to stop wasting your ad spend and get more for your budget, or to start gaining new customers online, we have the skillset to get you the rewards your business deserves.

We specialise in Digital Marketing (PPC. Social, Video, email etc...) and have an ex-Googler heading up our marketing business. We are fully qualified experts of Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

If you're looking for a new website and really want to stand out from the crowd in a growing digital marketplace, we also design and build awesome cutting edge websites across a full range of technologies to meet your needs, such as WordPress, Laravel, Statamic among others.

Finally, our Creative Director is a fully fledged graphic designer and can meet all of your design needs. We create brands, brochures and logos (plus many other services) for small business right through to FTSE 100 corporate businesses.

If you want more rewards from your digital offering, speak to our experts today and we will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Digital Marketing

We are a Google Partner agency and even have an ex-Googler in our ranks. So when we create and implement digital marketing strategies, we do it with two main things in mind - To make our client's business a success and increase sales.

We market our clients across all major digital marketing platforms, from Google to Facebook/Instagram and from Twitter to LinkedIn. We develop digital marketing strategies to ensure each of our clients put their best foot forward, at the right time and to the right people.

We produce highly engaging graphic ads across Google, Facebook, Instagram etc... and promote these to bespoke created audiences. We build bespoke audience profiles based on our vast knowledge of what works in digital marketing and will continually carry out research to tweak these audiences to our client's advantage.

This allows us to adjust the targeting as and when needed based on various factors such as seasonal events and sales etc... The ultimate aim - to get our client's in front of as many relevant people as possible and to drive intrigue and engagement in the publications on offer.

Web Design & Development

We hand code all of our websites, so you can rest assured that your new online presence will have the look and feel you desire. Our combination of designers, marketers and developers means we know how to design and build websites that really work for our clients.

As we have a highly skilled UX designer and an ex-Googler in our team, we really do know how to design websites that really work and which meet your goals and expectations. We have designed and developed many websites over the years and have scaled businesses up from being small local companies to covering the whole of the UK and beyond.

Through our development, we have helped some clients go from c.5,000 visitors per month to over c.40,000, thanks to our user experience expertise. What just one of our many happy clients had to say:

"The team at Factory spent the time to get to know us as a business. We were happy to have our hands held and guided through all these exciting changes." We take the time to really get to know your business and what your goals are then we use our UX & design experience to create the awesome web presence your company deserves.

A few case studies....


Google Ads - FR Jones & Son

FR Jones

See Case Study

An industry leader in the supply and service of horticultural and arboricultural equipment and machinery, FR Jones and Son are mowing down the competition in their industry with their online offering. FR Jones and Son approached us after running their own Google Shopping campaign themselves but sought a higher return.

They wanted to expand into Google Search and Display to increase their potential. As a business, they knew they had a strong offering and wanted to increase their reach and sales through multiple PPC campaigns with a realistic budget. We have achieved over 11,000 new conversions to the website in the past six months.

 Web Design & Development and Marketing - Anthony K

Anthony K Website

View The Project

Like many independent car leasing SME’s, Anthony K utilise a system that sources the best vehicles on offer, and then help to steer their customers through the process. Vehicle leasing has become a huge industry and for the average customer, the choice of deals is overwhelming.

As Anthony K evolved into the digital era, their front facing website was search facility leading to an extensive array of choices. This is where our expertise was needed. Our client felt that whilst comprehensive, the choices available on the home page of the website were overwhelming.

The result is you land on the car database with a more filtered result. The site also allows for Anthony K to display important information and a blog in their own style. No site is set and forget and Anthony K have continued to work with us to drive leads to their website with a highly targeted google campaign.


Web Design & Development - Driftwood Distillery

Driftwood Distillery

View Project

We were honoured to be contacted by Driftwood Gin Distillery in the Netherlands, to help market their craft gins. Driftwood Distillery currently offer four beautifully packaged craft gins which are available worldwide.

The Problem Driftwood’s current website had been created a good while earlier and managed by the owners. As with many websites, the process of managing it versus just doing what you are great at (in this case, distilling gin) became harder and harder.

Web Design & Development - Naturelly


View Project

We met the founder of Naturelly on a trade mission to Dublin, Ireland with Enterprise Nation. We got along famously with our fellow Mancunian. Since then, we have also been fans of this brilliant multi award winning snack.

We were thrilled to be tasked with creating a website to reflect the brand. The client wanted a visually engaging, responsive website with simple e-commerce functionality. So, this fun website effectively communicates the brand, a grass roots, family run organic food and drink company. What we created for Naturelly.

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